Dec 112013

The route 1080, 1170

Total distance 181 km
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2143.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2142.jpg
I wasnt expecting to ride in mud today
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2141.jpg
For a while the stream bed is the track
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2140.jpg
This was completely covering the track with both ends in the grass so at least a two metre snake, unfortunately it broke up when I lifted it so no way of knowing
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2139.jpg
I was a bit worried at first when I ran it over
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2138.jpg
Another track that was overgrown
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2137.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2136.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2135.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2145.jpg

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Nan 11/12/2013-img_2153.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2152.jpg

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Nan 11/12/2013-img_2150.jpg
Lots of friendly dogs encountered today
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2149.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2148.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2147.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2131.jpg
I decided to abandon going down this track
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2132.jpg
It just got worse
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2119.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2120.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2121.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2122.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2124.jpg
Just think, sometime in the future the surface will be paved and there will be a set of traffic lights here
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2125.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2126.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2127.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2128.jpg
Lots more fun tracks found today
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2129.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2117.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2116.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2133.jpg
The weather has certainly changed today, it was sunny in the morning but then clouded over and its much cooler
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2105.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2107.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2108.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2110.jpg

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Nan 11/12/2013-img_2112.jpg

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Nan 11/12/2013-img_2114.jpg

Nan 11/12/2013-img_2130.jpg
I was on a track that I mapped last year and on my way home when the track just stopped.
It had farrowed over and just disappeared, I will try to get in from the other end tomorrow to see how much has been lost.
There was no option but to do an about turn and go home the way I went in
Nan 11/12/2013-img_2158.jpg
Chicken coq ua vin at Tony’s Place for 250 Baht


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