Dec 112014

Total distance 131 km
Nan 11-12-14-img_6694.jpg
In Nan breakfast usually consists of chicken khao soi, its the best I have ever eaten here
Nan 11-12-14-img_6707.jpg
This pylon needs a bit of pruning or it will disappear
Nan 11-12-14-img_6706.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6705.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6704.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6703.jpg
I don’t know what this is but he seemed very happy about getting it
Nan 11-12-14-img_6702.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6701.jpg
This track got a bit overgrown in places
Nan 11-12-14-img_6700.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6699.jpg
More fun unmapped tracks found today
Nan 11-12-14-img_6698.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6697.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6696.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6695.jpg

Nan 11-12-14-img_6709.jpg
Moo hunglay from the market 60 Baht


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