Dec 102013

The route 1080, 1170

Total distance 183 km
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2091.jpg
Spotted in town this morning
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2081.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2080.jpg
Yesterday I thought I would easily map as far north as Tha Wang Pha off the 1080 but because I kept on finding extra tracks it never happened.
Today I actually got there
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2079.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2078.jpg
A house on top of the hill out on one remote track
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2077.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2076.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2075.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2074.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2073.jpg
A few locals out on their bikes along the tracks today
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2082.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2083.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2090.jpg
What I bought the KLX for
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2089.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2088.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2087.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2086.jpg
Some of the tracks I rode were overgrown
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2085.jpg
This one suddenly turned like this but I rode on and after a while I suddenly found new tyre tracks so I knew it was a through road
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2084.jpg
Then it became this and I had made a loop
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2072.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2069.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2055.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2054.jpg
I didnt expect to find this
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2053.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2052.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2050.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2048.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2047.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2046.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2045.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2056.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2057.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2068.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2066.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2064.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2063.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2062.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2061.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2060.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2059.jpg
Lots more new unmapped tracks today that dont show on the ESRI map
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2058.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2044.jpg

Nan 10/12/2013-img_2096.jpg
At Tony’s Place for food
Nan 10/12/2013-img_2094.jpg
A whole small chicken stuffed with sage and onion stuffing, roast potatoes, cauliflower and gravy for 250 Baht.
Delicious and after eating that lot I was stuffed too


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