Dec 102014

Total distance 144 km
Nan 10-12-14-img_6662.jpg
More unmapped tracks close to Wiang Sa
Nan 10-12-14-img_6663.jpg
I never know what I will find each day, today was the bee keepers
Nan 10-12-14-img_6664.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6665.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6667.jpg
We were all standing there with bees buzzing around all over the place but no one got stung
Nan 10-12-14-img_6668.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6671.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6672.jpg

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Nan 10-12-14-img_6676.jpg
Charcoal being made here
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Nan 10-12-14-img_6678.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6679.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6680.jpg
The Huai Khong Khoi Reservoir
Nan 10-12-14-img_6681.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6682.jpg

Nan 10-12-14-img_6683.jpg
I found these two dogs chained up on one trail outside their home
Nan 10-12-14-img_6684.jpg
They had shade to lie in but no water
Nan 10-12-14-img_6685.jpg
Fortunately there was a tin lying around so they were both well watered
Nan 10-12-14-img_6686.jpg
I found another bowl so when I left they both had their own water supply
Nan 10-12-14-img_6687.jpg
Its unbelievable that people will leave dogs chained up like this with no water
Nan 10-12-14-img_6688.jpg
A rather large km marker
Nan 10-12-14-img_6691.jpg
A whole roast chicken, stuffing, baked onion, roast potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and gravy at Tony’s Place 260 Baht


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