Nov 142008

The Route 201, 2154, 4014, 2195, 211, 2348, 2021, Hwy2

Total Distance270km

Davidfl here are the pictures that you asked for, I hope they are to your liking.

I took the 201, 2154, and the 4014 to get to the 2195 to the west of the confluence then headed east along it, almost immediately it was potholed, its okay in places and crap in others

When you see this sign its the left turn right after it

The Hueng to the left and the Mekong to the right

The last time I came here I had to leave my bike in the woods and make my way through the undergrowth, now there is a concrete path going right up to the confluence. I always wondered why there was no decent access when you consider the effort to make access to some of the trivial things in Thailand

At the end of the path these steps lead down to the river

They finish here but it looks like there were more but they got swept away

This little fellow got right up close

The concrete path that goes all the way, I asked my landlady in Chiang Khan how long its been here and she said only a few months

The end of the path, the steps also lead up to the big Buddah statue but as theres a decent road up to there I cant see the point of climbing them

I dont think it will be long before repairs are needed here

Another dodgy road to watch out for

The Mekong from up at the Buddah statue, the road leading up to here is now asphalt and is probably the best quality piece around here

Its well looked after up here, there was a guy sweeping up the leaves whilst I was here

I decide to go back to Chiang Khan on the 2195 riding alongside the Mekong, in sections its a very pleasant road such as here

On this corner the 2195 runs right up to the Mekong for the first time, the biggest problem with this road is that they are always digging sand from the river bed and from where they dig it right back to Chiang Khan the road is just virtually solid potholes and covered in sand, avoid it at all costs.
The journey back to Chiang Khan was about 8-10 km shorter than the way I went but believe me the longer route is much more pleasant

I take the 211 to about 20km past Pakchom then turn right onto the 2348, this is a fun road for a good while

Pleasant scenery too

A mainly good surface and plenty of bends

My last photo of the 2348, then its the 2021 and then Highway 2 to Udon Thani

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