Mar 062009

The route 4016, 4015, 4194, 4224, 4015, 4249, 4015, 4009, 4229, 4009

Total distance 306 km

I headed out of town on the 4016 heading west for a few km then took the 4015

Its good to have some scenery to look at after yesterdays dire ride

I noticed lots of vehicles in convoys with these red things on the windscreen and wondered what was going on thinking they must be Thaksin supporters. But as they were travelling in both directions it ruled out a meeting, where I stopped to take a picture there were about ten vehicles showing them but the front car was covered in pink ribbons. Apparently it was a wedding and the red is a good luck sign, the girl explaining this to me didnt speak much English but apparently today was a good day to get married for some reason or other. Personally I dont think that there is such a thing as a good day to get married but then again perhaps I am being cynical

I am really enjoying todays trip, the weathers perfect, dry and a lot hotter than recently, the roads are perfect too, no potholes, great scenery and lots of curves. I certainly made the right decision today going inland rather than following the coastal road

I take a right onto the 4194 to ride to Phi Pun and see the reservoirs

Water, where it should be this time of year, in the reservoirs and not pouring down on me

The road now becomes the 4224 and I ride on rejoining the 4015 and turning right onto it

The 4015 is a fun road like this most of the way

I take a right ono the 4249 which goes for 13 km until the Tai Rom Yen National Park

This is a lovely scenic road

At the roads end I turn around and ride back

I get back to the 4015 and again turn right onto it, about five km later I reach the 4009 and take the right for Surat Thani

About seven km later I take a right onto the 4229 as this looks like a twistier loop rather than staying on the 4009, not far along here I am rewarded with this lovely view

I didnt realise that this great mountain range was out here and this has made todays trip that much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. I rejoin the 4009 and turn right onto it then stay on it to Surat Thani

I check in at the Phanfa Hotel on Na Muang Road for 200 Baht

A nice big room with a comfortable bed

Secure inside parking as well.
I go for a look around town, its been six years since I was last here and I notice that the McDonalds has gone, thats two places that I know of where they have left town, Kanchanaburi being the other place. I spot a big sign saying Ristorante Pizzeria Milano and think that perhaps I can get some Italian food here. Unfortunately its being refurbished and wont open until monday 9th march, bugger, I will be gone by then, the owner tells me where I can get western food not far from his shop so off I trot

A lovely tasting pasta dish with pork, 75 Baht, I really enjoy it then order another one

The ice cream menu was given to me so it would be rude not to order one

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  1. Hi Darayus

    Thankyou for the compliments, I am back in the UK now working and all my maps and info are left in Thailand so reading more of my trip reports around the areas that you want to go is probably the best way. I dont return to Thailand until november, Ranong is not far north of Phuket and I always enjoy a few nights there riding some scenic routes through the mountains. Also look at as all my trip reports plus other peoples are there as well


  2. Dear Captain,
    A few friends and I are planning a motorcycle ride in December from Phuket for about 5 nights. We would like some advice on what route to take and places to stop at night. In feb we did the Mae Hong Son loop which was fantastic. This time around we want to hire bikes in Phuket itself since we are already there for some time and ride around the south of Thailand and return the bikes to Phuket. The bike of choice is the Kawasaki ER-6N. Hope u could give us some brief on this. Your site has been of great use. Thanks.
    Darayus Chhapkhanawala

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