Jan 152011

The route 3005, 3319, 3013, 3438, 3282, 3011, 333, 3086, 3199,

Total distance 312 km

I headed out of town just before 9 am, not such a long journey today so no 7 am start, out on the open road and this statue was roadside

The chemicals are being added to the water for spraying the rice

A good stir and its ready for spraying

Further along and lots of sunflowers

Smelling the sunflowers today

I wave to the locals and my wave is returned

Huai Kai Thuean

Samo Thong Hot Spring at N15.20.513 E099.30.946

The overflow at N15.20.493 E099.31.713

Spotted along the sugar cane lorry laden 333

The Krasiao dam is full to capacity plus a bit over thanks to the sandbags, I have never seen this here before, usually its either overflowing or not to capacity

Plenty of Thais fishing here today

A road shot from the 3086

I reach Kanchanaburi and check in at C&C Tour at N14.02.125 E099.30.918, my usual abode

Then its off to eat at The Jolly Frog N14.01.937 E099.31.210, this spaghetti carbonera was only 45 Baht per plate so two of them plus the garlic bread for 115 Baht was good value

Apple pie and ice cream for 55 Baht, delicious

Get the gdb file here …

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