Dec 012009

The route 225, 1118, 1313, 1067, unknown, 1067, 1118, 225

Total distance 250 km

I headed out of town on the 225

Lots of workers in thid field hoeing

I was curious about the crop, it was chillies

At Chun Saeng its a left onto the 1118

Lots of rice along here today

This dog greets me with a lot of barking as I stop to photo his property

Then its time to calm down

Photo taken now its time for a kip

In the middle of this photo is a big monitor lizard, it was still on the edge of the road as I got the camera out but typical it gets in the grass just before I shoot, its the biggest one that I have ever seen

I reach Taphan Hin and take the 1313, I see this tall chimney and stop for a closer look

Amazing, its seldom that you see brickwork as the main face and the intricate detail at the top of this chimney is the same as in the UK

The bricks are more like the size that I lay in England rather than those small things here

The 1313 takes me to Bang Munnak

I noticed a distinct lack of Israeli backpackers around these parts, perhaps this is the gentleman that deserves everyones thanks

I take the 1067 then about seven km later take a right onto an unnumbered road

Two neighbouring houses

Its a pleasant ride alongside this canal for a while

My second lizard today

Unfortunately this ones already dead though

It was another delicious pizza for dinner tonight.

Its been a fun time in Nakhon Sawan and a place that I will visit again, many thanks to mbox999 for showing me around and arranging my accommodation

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