Nov 302009

The route 1182, 1084, 1074, 1276, 1068, 1070, 1289, 117, 1073, 1084

Total distance 255 km

Last night my landlady said to put the bike inside the shop as it would be safer, I would have left it outside but if it had been stolen I would have been pretty pissed off for ignoring her advice. This morning when I got up she had taken it outside and washed it, definitely wife material this one, shame I dont want to settle down

I walked fifty metres to the Family Mart to get some water and as I was feeling a bit peckish I had a burger there, I tell you what for seventeen Baht this was a dam good deal

The burger range, it says twenty Baht but theres some promotion on at the moment

I take the 1182 out of town

Some brightly painted eye catching houses along here

Todays roads are all totally flat and its a sixth gear ride all the way apart from junctions of course

At Banphot Phisai I take the 1084 and theres a bend here, no hairpins or S bends today I am afraid

I know that they are not where we are in a hurry to go to but here they are such a pleasant sight, especially compared to the drab ones in the UK

At Khanu Woralaksaburi I take a right onto the 1074

Its pretty much rice and sugar cane fields today

Some more brightly coloured buildings along here

At least these three are not sleeping in the road like some that I see today

Theres a large crowd and lots of Monks here today

The health and safety people in the UK would have a heart attack if they saw this scaffolding

I reach a crossroads with the 117, I go straight across and the road is now the 1276

About fifteen km before Phichit I take a right onto the 1068 and then its a left onto the 1070

Along here a few of these huts are finished while others are still under construction

A few km along the 1070 and its a right onto the 1289

The closest I come to an S bend today

I reach the 117 and turn left onto it for a few km then take a right onto the 1073 where these two characters are standing

The 1073 takes me back to Banphot Phisai

Here I take the 1084 which runs parallel with the 1182 but on the other side of the river back to Nakhon Sawan. A pleasant days ride on all totally new roads for me today

I eat at Big Steak, this fish&chips was 59 Baht, two of them and I am completely full. It was a very good meal too, white snapper or pla krapong khao was the fish used and it tasted better than a lot of the fish&chips that I try in Thailand from so called British fish&chip shops

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  1. I dont get lost often but yes it sometimes happens, no I have never had to stay out on the road at night and hope never to have to. I dont have a GPS and only use maps and my eyes, thanks for your kind words

  2. Hello, WOW I am really impressed with your riding, Question do you ever get lost ? have you ever  had to stay out on the road at night, Do you use Maps or a GPS ?? I really enjoy reading your rides.

                                                                      Ride safe, Bill

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