Nov 292009

mbox999 met me at where I am staying this morning and showed me some places around and out of town

Views from a temple on the hill looking down at the city

Then we stopped to see this impressive building designed to look like a ship

Then it was a trip to Nakhon Sawan beach

These friendly guys were all on assorted bikes

I nearly bought one of these in 1975 in the UK as my first bike

The bikes immaculate with 86000 km on the clock

Look at that oil tight engine, not that many manufacturers gave you that in the mid 1970s

A pick and mix bike there

We rode out of town to the bird park, although its a very pleasant place the only problem was there were no birds there only pictures of them, they had all been removed (eaten probably)

mbox999 told me about this place that makes delicious pizzas

So we both ate one, he was correct it was a truly delicious pizza made by the owner from Switzerland

I am staying in this nice room for 200 Baht a night

With a hot shower

In a town house above a hairdressers shop

My Landlady, the hairdresser, who is a friend of mbox999s wife

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