Dec 022009

The route 3005, 3319, 3013, 3456, 3504, 3473, 3438, 3282, 3011, 333, 3086, 3398, 3199

Total distance 417 km

I headed out of town on the 3005 to Krok Phra

At Krok Phra I take the 3319 and stop to look in at the Wang Ro Dam, not much water in here

At Thap Than I take a right onto the 3013

A few km later its a right onto the 3456 and some bends along here

I have never ridden this section of the 3456 before and its a very pleasant road

A short spell on the 3504 then a left onto the dusty 3473 then onto the much better 3438

And a look at the Thap Sala reservoir

This ones a few metres below capacity as well

I ride on and just past Lan Sak its a right onto the 3282

Theres another dam along here but its not on my map and no name in English is noticeable

This ones only about 1 metre below capacity

The 3282 is a very pleasant road with some god bends along its length

At Ban Rai I take the 3011 to reach the 333, here I take a right onto it and ride along the pleasant road, not that much traffic along the 333 today which is a welcome change from normal

At Dan Chang I visit the Krasiao Dam, when I visited in january it was overflowing but now its not quite full

Its very hazy around here

I ride along the 333 south for about three km then take a right onto the 3086

Past Bo Phloi and its a left onto the 3398 and at a t junction its a left onto the 3199 and into Kanchanaburi

I get my room on a floating raft for 150 Baht at Tanavill Riverkwai

The view from my bedroom window

From my balcony

Then its off to Ali Bongos for a delicious chicken jalfreizi and rice for 170 Baht

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