Nov 102009

The route 1095, 5014, unknown, 1226, 1095

Total distance 204 km

Johnny House where I always stay

Double bed 150 Baht per night

Single bed 150 Baht per night

The legendary steep ramp to the road that some people dont like

Digging the mud from the bottom of the lake

Time to get going and its the 1095 to Soppong

Another brilliant twisty road today

My first sighting of a snake this holiday, unfortunately it had been run over, with the aid of a stick I placed it on the grass but no life left in it to slither away

This road can never fail to excite when riding it, unless of course you dont have a pulse

Stunning scenery shots too

At Soppong I take a left to Cave Lodge

At Ban Tham I take a left and this is signposted as the 5014

And a decent concrete road it is too

This is my first time along this road and a nice find too

Proof that its the 5014, but 93 kms to where? just past here there is a dirt track to the left and signs in Thai for both the left turn plus ahead, I carry on ahead along the concrete road

2 kms later and now its only 1 km to the destination, obviously the 93 kms was by taking the dirt track to the left

I carry on and about 1 km after the village the concrete finishes, here theres a track to the left and I am hoping its the road that goes to Mae Lana

I take it and its a pleasant start

Great scenery again but I feel that its the wrong road as its not going in the direction that it should according to the MHS loop map. The road gets very hard going with lots of ruts and stones

After four kms I come across these people who confirm my suspicions, they point me back the way I came

A couple of good scenery shots from there though

I ride back about three kms then take that right that hopefully leads to Mae Lana, this is a bit rutted to start with but at least its going in the right direction

This lady confirms that I am in Ya Pa Nae, I am on the right road

I enjoy the ride down to Mae Lana

I reach the 1226 and take a right

I rode along here two years ago on the Bm, its was enjoyable then and again today

I ride to where the tarmac finishes at Mai Hung but decide to ride on and am rewarded with great scenery and more tarmac, its a mixture of dirt and tarmac, I was not expecting anything else but dirt so it was a pleasant surprise

I ride up to what I believed to be the Burmese border and think it strange that the tarmac carries on into Burma

Looking into Burma, The soldiers tell me that I am at Pa Puek, I say I want to go to Mai Lun but they say cannot as its the other side of the checkpoint. Whats happened here DavidFL, have they closed this road off since you made the map as it clearly shows the road going on further

I turn back and enjoy the ride again taking some more good photos

Views like this make up for anything

The 1226 is a bit ropey in places but well worth riding just for the scenery alone

I ride back to the 1095, turn right and back to MHS. I was thinking to myself during todays trip that when I had the BM I only did the tarmac section of the 1226, now that I am riding a cruiser I seem to be doing a lot more off road stuff, a lot of todays ride was definitely not the Phantoms territory but it did the job magnificently

I find the buffet dinner tonight, its called Godzilla and its a good two kms out of town heading south, right opposite the Imperial hotel

The finest tasting creature on the planet, where he should be

A few platefuls were consumed plus a couple of ice creams, all for the sum of 99 Baht

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  1. i stayed a couple of das at the mae lana garden house, wonderfull

  2. Hi Alex

    Sorry for the slow reply I have only just seen your post, no I dont have a gpx file of this route as I didnt have a gps at that time


  3. Do youhave a gpx file of this route please?
    saw you in eurodiner a day or 2 ago, Well told me who you are after you had gone.
    I did part of this route a few weeks back, couldnt find the border then either. I recognise some of the scenery. Hoping to go back soon

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