Nov 112009

The route 1095, 4015, 1095

Total distance 180 km

I take the 1095 towards Pai for about 42 km then take a left onto the 4015, its a mixture of concrete and unmade, often alternating very quickly

The proof that its the 4015 as its not numbered on any maps

About four kms in and its showing all the signs of a good days ride on a totally new road for me

You wont find it much greener than this

I come to quite a long unmade section and its quite a rough ride for a while, another road that I should have explored on the Bm but here I am making my first trip along it on the trusty old Phantom

Plenty of shade today and never having to park in the hot sunshine, it was a cold cloudy start but now the suns out and its very warm

I pass by or through quite a few villages along the way

Nothing was ever going to spoil todays ride, with spectacular scenery all the way the fact that the road surface kept on constantly changing didnt matter, it was a simple case of not going over the brow of hills too fast as often the surface changed here

Another nice twisty concrete section ahead

I notice that the further I go the better the surface, theres a lot more concrete surface now

I stop in a village for a snack at this Ladys shop

I finally reach a long section of good concrete surface and it lasts for about fifteen kms all the way to Pang Khong

I ride through Pang Khong and its an unmade track for about 1 km to the park HQ

Theres a waterfall about five km further

I set off along this dirt track but its damp and steep, the photo doesnt give a true read of the gradient and I barely manage to coax the Phantom up here

I ride for about half a km then decide it wouldnt be wise to carry on as its a steep descent on this damp track, getting down wouldnt be a problem but getting back up might be

Time to ride back

Hopefully its only water in those bottles

I have to keep stopping for these scenery shots

An enjoyable ride back to the 1095, I personally recommend this road to anyone, I tried it today for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the past I was put off by the fact that its an unmade surface from the 1095 but as youve seen its not like that all the way

I ride back towards MHS then about five km later take a left for the Susa waterfall, the girl at the entrance tells me she doesnt think that the Phantom will make it to the waterfall as its a rough surface plus I will have to ride through the river. I decide to give it a go and am rewarded with a concrete surface to start with plus good scenery

She was right but its not that hard going, only when its sandy do I have a slight problem

A problem, its quite deep and a stony surface, I can think of better things to do at 4.30 in the afternoon than drop my bike in a river. Perhaps later in the season the water will be lower or even better if they finish concreting this road and concrete the bottom of the river it wouldnt be a problem. The waterfall was eight kms from the 1095 and I only managed five of them, time to turn round and ride back to MHS

I thought I would give the new KFC a try tonight as I havent eaten in one since the last holiday in Thailand

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