Nov 132009

The route 1095, 3011, 3012, 3062, 5035

Total distance 153 km

I headed out of town along the 1095 towards Pai for about eight kms then took a left onto the 3011 and rode to this new reservoir that I spotted yesterday, its right opposite the Pooklon Country Club

I rode along here a year ago but dont remember seeing this in progress then

Everythings brand new and barely finished

Overflowing already

Its back along the 3011

I take a right onto the 3012 towards Nai Soi

Another pleasant road with some very good views

I dont know what these are but theyre pleasing to the eye

These things, although pleasant to look at at this time of year are best avoided contact with anytime

The roads a bit overgrown in places but an enjoyable ride anyway

I reach the end of tarmac then turn round and ride back, before I get back to the 3011 theres a right turn on some unmade ground that leads to the bypass, I turn right onto the bypass and am travelling south

I take the 3062 towards Nam Phiang Din and follow it until the tarmac runs out about eight kms later

At the tarmacs end I turn round and ride back to the 1095

I take the 5035 that goes to Huai Poo Ling

After about six kms its a rough track

Its steep and hard going in places

The advantage of climbing so high are the stunning views on offer

After a few kms of unmade its back to tarmac for a while

Then its unmade again

I ride a few more kms going down very steeply on this unmade track, I stop at Nam Hu turn around and ride back

This would be a good road to explore on the correct bike for the terrain, anyone out this way on an XR, KLX or D-Tracker give it a go

Its just a shame its not like this section at the top all the way

I ride back to the 1095 turn right and ride home, thats the MHS roads covered for this trip, its off to Mae Sariang tomorrow.

I had another Buffet dinner at Godzilla tonight, whilst eating I had a request to take my photo by a Thai lad probably about fifteen years old. At first I thought he was a young gt-rider fan who recognized me, then reality set in, there were a few Thais looking over from his table and it was more likely a case of look how much food that fat bastards eating, go and get his picture

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