Nov 122009

The route 1095, 1285, 5001, 1095

Total distance 185 km

I take the 1095 towards Pai

Scenery shot from the 1095

After about fifteen kms its a left onto the 1285

A good bit of tarmac to start with and always a pleasure to ride

Halfway along and at the checkpoint I am asked to put my name in the book, usually its just a straight ride up to the border

Great scenery up here again

As I climb the concrete surface is well worn in places, I have never seen it this bad before

At the border and theres this sign, whatever it says

Looking at the border from the Burmese side

Its time to ride back down

The current was very strong considering how shallow the water is

At the 1095 I take a right and ride about five kms then take a right for Rak Thai

After a few kms the road becomes the 5001

A pleasure it is to ride too

At Rak Thai and here theres water in the lake, unlike MHS

I ride through the village and notice a concrete road leading out so I follow it, it turns to a dirt track and goes to the Burmese border

I ask if I can walk inside and am told yes for ten minutes

The gateway to Burma

Inside the Burmese village

The goods for sale look suspiciously Thai to me

I ride back then go up to the Army camp on the hill, I was keeping an eye out for fierce dogs as another post recently mentioned them but all I found was this fellow

Doesnt look too intimidating does he

I ask the soldiers about going up to the camp, one phones through but its a no, unusual as I have been up there a few times before

Time to ride back

Lovely stretch of road isnt it

I ride back to Na Pa Paek then take a right and ride six kms to the Pang Ung reservoir

I didnt see any Westerners here but quite a few Thais

A pleasant ride back through the woods

Its a narrow twisty road all the way

I stop for some road shots on the way down, its very steep and a pain in the arse to keep on stopping on the way up

The Pha Sua waterfall, usually you can walk right down to it but today the access is blocked off

Just past the waterfall on the way back is this reservoir, I have been up here quite a few times over the last ten years but todays the first time that I have ever seen it overflowing

From this vantage point near the dam I get this photo of some of the 5001s curves. I ride back along the 5001 then take a right onto the 1095 and back to MHS, no new roads today for me and virtually all tarmac too

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