Nov 142009

The route 108, 4009, 4010, 108

Total distance 276 km

Out of town along the 108 and not far before the first photo opportunity

The twisty bends start pretty soon as well

The obligatory Thai v sign picture

Theres a shop at the viewpoint which I noticed for the first time yesterday

One fantastic road this one surely is

The temperature was just about right, minimal traffic and a brilliant road = perfection in my book

About thirty kms past Khun Yuam I take a left onto the 4009

I am soon climbing and a reasonable road with good scenery is my reward

A use for this cow pat as the bikes facing downhill

Many thanks to the animal that left that turd in such a convenient position, I didnt have any need to leave the bike in gear

What a find this road is too, another gem that I gleaned off of the gt-rider Mae Hong Son Loop Map

I ride into Mae Tho

A quick look around then its further on, the road is now the 4010 and its potholed to buggery to start with

I ride for a couple of kms then take a left onto a narrow concrete road that goes for about five kms then ends in this village

There was a big dog sticking its head in eating this pups food until it was shooed away

Time to ride back to the 4010

Plenty of bends but the road could do with some serious maintenance, unlikely though

Ahead is a nice new concrete surface

That looks like a reasonable size snake, unfortunately its dead

Very picturesque, there a long line of them in Huai Phung Mai

The beauty of it up here

I stop in Huai Phung Mai for a look around

The babys totally oblivious to all the noise around and sound asleep

Time to ride back to the 108

I thought I had come across my first live snake but its dying as well yet appears to be unmarked

A very enjoyable side excursion this turned out to be, from just past Huai Phung Mai the road turned to dirt but it looks like its not too difficult to get to Mae Chaem from there. I ride back to the 108, turn left onto it and ride to Mae Sariang, theres a section of about three kms where resurfacing is taking place along here

I stay at a new place for me, the Mae Sariang guesthouse, 120 Baht with outside toilet/shower or 150 Baht with it inside

Its the Sawadee restaurant where I usually eat for tonights meal

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