Feb 022011

The route 5, 50, 3

Total distance 246 km

I leave Melaka and its an okay ride along the 5 but nothing interesting to photo

At N01.51.818 E102.57.534 I stop here for breakfast

A samba chicken for 55 Baht, this is Indian Muslim food and it was very nice

Along the 50 it rains occasionally, heavy for a very short spell then quickly clears up

Just down the road and its as dry as a bone, some good bends along here

Theres a lot of water laying around along this road

Its looking a bit wet over the hills

A lot of heavy traffic along this road today and I wasnt going to stand there all day to get this picture without any tin boxes in it, as you can see some good curves

Some serious flooding here

The water is just flowing in through the trees plus wherever the river is, I cant see the river, its under water

Rain, good scenery and a twisty road, I get them all today

The flooding just gets worse

Only the roof of this building is showing

The flooding doesnt want to be much higher than that

I take a left signposted to Mersing, the road sign says its the 3 but my gps finds no number for it, whatever the number its a real good fun road.
I ride until I reach the 3, turn left and ride to Mersing

I check in here, they only have one room left for 200 Baht

N02.25.863 E103.50.193

A comfortable double bed and a fan

The very friendly Muslim Lady on the desk tells me to bring my bike inside and park it at the bottom of the stairs

Walking around town I spot this, KFC by another name

About 200 metres further along and its the real thing

But this sign catches my eye and needs exploring, the Swiss owners turn up and tell me that they open at 18.00 hours so I go for a further walk and return then

N02.25.903 E103.50.219

180 Baht for this vegetarian pizza that was very filling and quite nice, my LP book listed a different place as doing a nice pizza but they were 100 Baht more expensive for the same meal so they shit out on my custom.
Get the gdb file here …

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