Nov 272009

The route 1090, 1206, unknown, 4008, 4014, 07024, 1090

Total distance 157 km

I took the 1090 towards Umphang then a right onto the 1206 towards Phop Phra

Its a good new piece of tarmac and takes me to Waley

At the border looking at Burma, whether the soldiers let you cross depends on the timing, today I was told no Foreigners are allowed to cross here

An old shack in Waley

Waley high street

The rickety old bridge which isnt manned anymore and is my crossing point

I watched a light Thai walk across then someone carrying a heavy sack so assumed that it would carry my weight with no trouble, thankfully it did

Safely across

The pleasant friendly Burmese people always make me welcome whenever I visit here

The temple that was being built four years ago is still in good condition

The fella on the left has got less hair than I have

These people invited me in for breakfast, theres more of them to the right of the picture plus more hidden around the back, the place is well packed. I decline the offer but thank them for their kindness

The digger gives the kids something to play on

The schools getting a massive new building that goes along both sides and around the back

A kid with a catapult but I dont see him shooting at anything

There was a lot of hammering coming from this new house

Its a spectacular looking house from inside and out

The half hourly bus I assume

A nice newish house

Built right next to this one

The tin roof on the extension just doesnt blend in with the original now does it?

These friendly people who spoke good English also offered me breakfast, you would never go hungry here

I stop and buy some kind of Burmese peanuts from this Lady, they were different and not bad

This house looked great, those blue ceramic tiles on the outside sure were different to anything else here

The sledge hammer comes into play here

I say goodbye to Waley on the Burmese side and cross the river back to Waley on the Thai side

About one km south of town and a point where vehicles cross it looks a bit deep now

I take an unnumbered road out of Waley

One of the larger pot holes that I have seen lately

I loop back to Phop Phra then take a left onto the 4008

After a few km its another left onto the 4014

The Moei river

I ride along then I am on the 07024 for a while then take the 1090 back to Mae Sot

I meet up with these three dodgy looking characters in Mae Sot

I eat at Krua Canadian tonight, I met an expat yesterday who told me this place does the best western food in town. This delicious Mexican Fajitas meal cost 140 Baht

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