Nov 232009

The route 1090

Total distance 201 km

I was away just before nine, the 1090 was a bit busy and its nothing special for a few km then just gets better

The first of many hairpins and a very bendy road practically all the way

The scenery is splendid along this mountainous road

The streams and rivers all have plenty of water in them

No potholes along this road, its well surfaced all the way

As I get higher the temperature drops and the pullover goes on, that fixes the problem

A low bit of cloud here

Hardly any traffic at all now, a few minivans but thankfully all going in the opposite direction. Never even think about visiting Umphang at the weekend, I purposely left it until today before going to give the masses time to leave

Lifes certainly good Davidfl

Down onto the flatter part now and not far from Umphang after 164 km of twisty winding road

I go straight to the Umphang Guest House where I have always stayed over the last seven years

150 Baht for this large room with a private shower that sleeps three, it was always 100 Baht until two years ago when they installed hot showers, believe me its well worth paying for a hot shower around these parts, the waters freezing

The grounds

Often I have had the entire place to myself during the week, today there was a pick up and a minivan from Bangkok just staying tonight then off to Pai in the morning, hopefully the stereo wont be playing at 6am tomorrow morning

The large restaurant area, I have only ever seen food being prepared here when they have a tour group, theres no menu and when I once asked about food I was told to eat in town

As its only mid afternoon I ride out towards Pa La Tha and climb a bit, I usually spend a day climbing but whether I still have it in me this year I will have to wait and see as on my last visit here two years ago I thought the climb was going to finish me off

I eat at Dotcom my usual eatery, unfortunately the owner told me on my first visit that she doesnt do Western food only Thai. I asked her if she had French fries, she said yes so I asked for a plate of French fries and some pork or chicken with it, she is convinced that I am eating Thai food and I am convinced that I am eating Western food, its a win win situation. 140 Baht for tonights meal

Its right opposite Garden Huts on the Pa La Tha road right on the river

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