Jan 282008
It was straight down the 1090 today, it was raining here in Mae Sot and I delayed my departure until it looked a bit brighter but it rained on and off for most of the way

The road is being widened for quite a way but apart from this short bit its a decent surface all the way

I was looking forward to taking loads of photos today but the visibility was shit because of the weather

But a decent road all the same and not enough rain to really get me or the road wet

This is much more like it

I dont see Umphang written about much on this site, its worth visiting just for the ride alone

About halfway there I pass this place, the sign says temporary shelter, there are hundreds of homes here, I will look in on my return

This is one long twisty road, all 164 km of it

Its real bad visibility now, hopefully when I return to Mae Sot it will be better and I can get lots of photos then

A fun ride this one but anyone coming down here dont ever try it on a weekend, the place will be jam packed with Thai tourists and you will struggle to find a room. I have the whole resort to myself today, only a few staff working here for company

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