Apr 182013

The route 105, 3006, 1215

Total distance 86 km

Todays dirt was from
N16.83991 E098.54755 to N16.86071 E098.58219
N16.85309 E098.58223 to N16.85966 E098.56012
N16.86385 E098.56796 to N16.86385 E098.56796
N16.86741 E098.56879 to N16.86741 E098.56879
N16.87074 E098.57468 to N16.87074 E098.57468
N16.86464 E098.58075 to N16.86071 E098.58219

A lot of water is being pumped from the river for irrigation

Its quite a windy day and theres a nice big dust cloud following that tractor

Some of these tracks show on the ESRI but others are useful finds as most link up with only a few dead ends

I stop in the shade for lunch and the wind is now very strong with a lower temperature here thats for sure

Plenty of workers out on these tracks today

Huai Bong at N16.86522 E098.57275

I guess its a private reservoir as the track to the nicest part has a locked gate along it

It looks like benzine 91 is still for sale at some of the smaller hand pumps, old stock I guess

Phil and David drive down today to ride to the paved track below Om Koi thus joining up the Mae Sot to Om Koi route offroad, sadly I am under the weather and am taking a days rest but hopefully I will get to try it sometime

We ate at Bai Fern restaurant, a lovely pork cordon bleu wrapped in bacon, the food is nice here but the waiting and service leaves a lot to be desired, the staff were more interested in cleaning the floor and arguing amongst themselves rather then putting the food on the table.
Dinner was on Phil, cheers Phil

Hows that for a top box

David tries it out for size

Get the gdb file here …

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  2 Responses to “Mae Sot-Tracks NW Of Town Day 4”

  1. Thanks David

    Its good to hear that you are finding the site useful, whereabouts do you reside?



  2. This is just a note to say thank you for all your ride reports. Every time I plan a trip in Thailand I use your site as an invaluable planning guide. I have stayed at many of the same hotels, eaten in the same restaurants (although not eaten as much farang food lol), and ridden the same routes.
    You are an inspiration. I dearly hope that you get enough feedback to realise what pionneering work you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time and effort you put intp detailing your rides, adding your comments and your photographs.
    At the beginning of May I have been asked to lead four of my friends on a bike trip. It is their first time riding any distance on the mainland. It should be fun, and thanks to your ride reports I have several ideas of sights to thrill them.
    I trust you are back in top condition again. Safe riding,
    With high respect

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