Jan 272008
I rode from Mae Sot down to Waley and then walked over the wooden bridge into Burma

I first visited here five years ago but in those days there were always soldiers here that said you couldnt cross, but according to the Lonely Planet guide it should usually be possible, or else the gate was locked if there were no soldiers on guard preventing access anyway. Two years ago I found it unlocked and unguarded and so my trips began across this narrow bridge

You just cant get away from these things, this one looked like it was only bought new today

The streets are pretty much deserted here

Two years ago this was only partly built and only bricks and concrete, it was finished when I visited last year

I wonder what this will look like upon completion

I walk right through to the other side of town and right at the end was this building

Heres looking past it, nothing more to see so I turn back

This is the school, its completely deserted being sunday

Around the back is their state of the art toilets, you just shit in the hole

Some nice new wood on this one

As usual in Burma everyone is happy to smile for the camera

Is this the house number or the year it was built

There were a lot of people weaving away here today

I notice that there is another way across to and from Thailand, I havent ever walked this far before so perhaps this has been opened a few years and thats why the other bridge is deserted

The river Moei, the border

About 1 km to the east of here there is a place to drive across the river but whenever I have been there its always been too deep plus the current is quite fast

A last glance back into Burma

Standing in Thailand looking across the bridge

I met a Burmese guy today who spoke good English and I found out from him that the Burmese town is called Waley as well. I spent about three hours enjoying a walk around here today, friendly people as I have always found the Burmese to be

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