Nov 112012

The Route 1090, 1167, 1288

Total distance 278 km

Breakfast was at the Tea Shop at N16 42.857 E098 34.167 right opposite the Mosque on Intharakhin Road

A chicken curry was enjoyed here and a very nice meal too for 45 Baht

Out on the 1098 and I was hoping to get lots of photos with good visibility today

Its much clearer than on my last trip down here

Sadly after this photo my battery died despite being on charge this morning, the day went downhill from then on.
I reached my guesthouse in Umphang by two, put the battery on to charge for about half hour then rode out about 40 km to finish off linking up a dirt track I found on my last visit.
I went to take a photo but still no charge in the battery, oh well at least I will get to finish the track off or so I thought.
There has been recent heavy rain here and once on the dirt track it was deep puddles and the bike was sliding all over the place, I wasnt really in the best of moods by now and thought bollocks to this it can wait for another day.
Back in Umphang I found a mobile phone shop where they told me I would have to go back to Mae Sot for a battery, charger or camera.
A guy working here had I guess a universal charger which after a few minutes had enough power in the battery to power the camera so now to find the problem.
He checked both out and declared them both working and suggested a dodgy plug in the room was to blame, hopefully hes right and now it appears to be fully charged, tomorrow will tell

A working camera and a nice moo hunglay for 30 baht saves the day, roll on tomorrow
Get the gdb file here …

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