Mar 102011

The route 105

Total distance 236 km

A dry start on a lovely sunny day

Outside the large refugee camp

Its already overloaded but yet more get on

And off they go

Its been a while since I managed to photo a snake crossing the road

It doesnt seem to want to get off the road and as I have no desire to see it squashed I try to move it by lightly touching it with a stick but this seems to make the snake a bit aggressive

Finally it slithers to safety and climbs up off the ground making me think its the harmless tree dwelling rat snake

The Moei is nice and slow with no signs of any recent rain here

At N17.31.993 E097.56.956 I spot this which I dont remember from my last ride along here

A small village just behind it

Looking down on the monument from a tower

Now for some of the lovely curves along the 105

Its much less hazy than I expected today

I ride some new asphalt thats been put down since my last ride here then an unsurfaced section where road widening is being carried out before getting onto the old narrow section

I am a fair way towards Mae Sariang before I see a fire burning

This river usually has more water in it then this

Not far from mae Sariang and I can feel rain coming plus hear thunder in the distance

With only 10 km to go the heavens open and I take shelter behind a wall from the driving rain and hailstones that suddenly come down

This lad stops and joins me, I felt sorry for him as he was shivering uncontrollably all the time, he rides on before it stops, I wait until it nearly stops then ride on.
I only get about three km before it chucks it down again and its a sodden ride to Mae Sariang where I check in at the Mae Sariang Guest House at N18.09.645 E097.55.756 and get a room with a shared toilet/shower for 150 Baht

I was looking forward to trying out a pizza from this place after hearing some good reviews about it, its right next door to Bengs restaurant Sawaddee but sadly it closed down about a month ago so no pizza for me today

A plate of pork, fries and onions at Sawaddee N18.09.709 E097.55.776 for 200 Baht suffices tonight
Get the gdb file here …

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