Apr 212013

The route 105

Total distance 240 km

The large refugee camp north of Mae Sot

About 100 km north of Mae Sot and theres more evidence of fires here

That shouldnt be in there as theres no track

It had to clear that large rock

There was no one still inside and no blood on the windscreen either

Hes just jumped but I wasnt quick enough on the button

I have seen the Moei lower here and earlier in the year

They all seem to be enjoying the water apart from the daughter who doesnt get in

I wondered what the attraction of the tunnel was and found out they live inside it

A few road shots of the good twisty surface of the 105

Heading north the new surface finishes at N17.66361 E097.93825 where the widening starts

Its looking greener then i expected, perhaps theres been some storms since I rode down here two weeks ago

The old narrow surface, badly potholed in places

Another new wider section starts again at N17.74596 E097.96674

Hows that for a nice bit

At N17.78699 E097.95850 it returns to the old narrow road that is potholed for about the next three km, it then gets better for a few km before getting badly potholed again until N17.86466 E097.96829 where the new wider surface starts again

The only fire I saw today

Nearer to Mae Sariang I can feel the blast furnace heat riding along and I record this temperature

A double portion of beef curry and rice from the market for 90 Baht

I soon get a new friend while eating

Get the gdb file here …

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  6 Responses to “Mae Sot To Mae Sariang 2013”

  1. Hello Denis

    Yes there are two or three smaller towns with accommodation available

    The Versys will be fine, its a bit potholed on one section but nothing to worry about

    You can take the 105 north to Mae Ramat then the 1175 over the mountain towards Tak.
    Then take the 1107 and 1102 to Thoen, here you can take the 106 to Chiang Mai

  2. Hello to You,
    I’m about to leave home to Thailand and intend to use this road (Mae Sariang – Mae Sot) during my bike trip. So here are 2-3 questions:
    – Is there any place to overnight between this 2 cities
    – I plan to rent a Kawa Versys 650 in Chiang Mai, would a smaller trailbike be more appropriate for this kind of road, or it’s ok
    – Once arrived in Mae Sot, is there a more interesting road to drive back to Chiang Mai than the one via Tak, in order to avoid the nr. 1

    Thank’s in advance for your help.
    Best regards,
    Denis – Switzerland

  3. Hi Mark

    Unfortunately you cant drive on down from Umphang to Kanchanaburi that easily, read these reports for a better idea.

    Feel free to send the ebooks and I will ask Ally about putting them on the website




  4. Hi,
    Great website. I travel as much as I can myself but I do it a little differently. I take my 2 dogs (one man, 2 dogs). Over the past 5 years I have made kids ebooks based on the photos I get of the dogs wherever we go. I give the books out as PDF’s for free so I was wondering if I could send them to you via email and if you think they would be useful for the website to put them on and allow them to be downloaded for free. The books are used by teachers in different schools around northern Thailand.
    I do have a question for you. I am going to Ti Lor Sor waterfall in Umphang in a 19 year old Hyundai Excel that I have slowly but surely been repairing for long distance travel. My question is can I continue south from Umphang and get all the way to Kanchanaburi on route 1090. I have heard a new road has been built and is now passable by 2wd vehicles.
    Thanks for the website. Happy travels.

  5. Hello Denis

    Its about 220 km so it depends on your speed and how many stops you make, there are fuel stations along the way but don’t worry as even the villages will have fuel for sale in bottles.



  6. Good day.
    I want to drive this road on a Honda PCX125. How much time will be spent on the road? Is there a gas station along the way?

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