Jan 062013

The route 105

Total distance 92 km

Dirt begins and finishes at N16.76508 E098.74944

Not far in and I see one of these, perhaps it will be a repeat of yesterdays ride with lots of these and plenty of water crossings

Now in the village I reached on my previous ride here two weeks ago

South of the village at the point where I turned back last time, now to ride on south hoping to link up with where I rode to yesterday

It is virtually the same as yesterdays ride apart from no mud today as I cross and ride through the water for a good part of the ride

I reach a small village at N16.68331 E098.77962

Solar panels and satellite dishes galore here

The river split at that village and the track I follow has the smaller stream running along it

This looks like it could be the end of the track

I leave the KLX there and walk on to see what lies ahead

A long stream bed ride

Then this single track, I call it a day at N16.67594 E098.78616.

Now to ride back to that village

As I reach the village and where the two streams merge I see a track going off south that I missed before so I follow it

Good scenery but from this vantage point I cant see any more track going on.
I walk across the stream but although there is a narrow track that looks unused I dont bother going any further.
N16.66907 E098.78060 was the turnaround point I reached, in case anyone wants to try to link this up

Now to ride back home.
Well I have been mooching around for four days now looking to link up but no luck, what I got though was four fun days of exploring new offroad tracks

Back in the large village

Pakistan food tonight, a chicken kahari curry at Sara’s Restaurant 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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