Dec 252012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 176 km

A spicy chicken curry for breakfast at the Tea Shop

A shot from along the 1175

Dirt begins at N17 03.483 E098 41.068 and along here a village at N17 02.901 E098 41.465

These two friendly dogs gave me lots of attention

The odd bit of concrete in places

Another village at N17 02.441 E098 40.840, no loops found today, only dead ends so its back to the 1175

I take another turn off the 1175 but this is a paved surface to a village

In the middle of the village I take a dirt track starting at N17 01.946 E098 40.312

I ride as far as the river then it looks like only a single track on the other side so its turn back time

At N17 03.997 E098 40.052 I take a dirt track northwards

Theres a village here starting at the turn off the 1175

Thats as far as I am going in as I reckon its just farm access

I take another dirt track at N17 04.033 E098 39.521

There is a village at N17 03.086 E098 39.467. I ride on a bit further but it soon turns to singletrack so I ride back to the 1175.
I take another turning which is paved and along here is a village at N17 03.593 E098 38.364

Next track is a dirt track starting at N17 03.101 E098 38.319

Its only an access track for this crop

Another dirt track starting at N17 03.159 E098 38.382

Next turning is a wide asphalt road that goes to the Khun Phawo NP

I take a dirt track starting at N17 02.201 E098 37.744

But it soon turns to this so time to ride home after riding some new tracks today

Back in Mae Sot and I see this unknown bike outside a shop

Never heard of the Yamaha Tricker before

Fajitas at Krua Canadian tonight for 140 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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