Jan 272008
I left Mae Sot and took the road towards Umphang and after about 35 km took a right onto the 1206 heading towards Phop Prah

This is a good quality road with lost of good bends

I rode into Waley for a look around, its unusual to see the Thais taking safety seriously but this guy certainly is

Waley high street

About 1 km east of town here you can drive through to Burma if you want to

Its a bit deep for my liking but I will try to get back here in late march, perhaps it will be a bit shallower then

Heres the little track to go down to get to the river

I carry on riding east on unnumbered roads but keeping to the right turns all the time and following the border

I soon come back to riding along the Moei river again

This is a real fun road, the only other traffic I really met out here was those small agricultural things pulling trailers

I bet this was much more spectacular scenery wise a few months ago just after the rainy season

At the end of this straight I come to a T junction, all of the signs out here are in Thai and none of these roads are on any of my maps so its guesswork. I take the left and after a few kms find myself in a village and the tarmac has finished I ask for Phop Prah and get pointed down a stony track, I eventually end up in Phop Prah and ride through town

At the east end of town I take a left onto the 4008

This has a few twists in it

The 4008 turns right after a while and I go straight ahead on the 4014

I have ridden this road many times and never tire of it

Theres plenty of these on this road, I follow it to the end and get back on the main road to go back to Mae Sot. Usually I follow the river but its getting late and I want to come back out here and explore a few more roads in a few days time. I will continue these roads in part 2 but I am off to Umphang tomorrow so it will be in about five or six days time

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