Feb 022008
I took the 1090 and rode past the 1206, the turning for Phop Phra and then a few kms further on I took the 4007 to my right

The 4007, this road goes for quite a few kms and comes out on the 1206 between the 1090 and Phop Phra

There are a few turnings off this road and not many roads out here are numbered but some good roads anyway

Its a cloudy start and it even rains a little for a while but then finally brightens up and bu 15.00 hours the sun was actually out

I ride towards Waley then take a right on another unnumbered road

Its a good road this one

This road comes to an unfinished surface and I back track to Phop Phra then take the 4008 then the 4014 to follow the river Moei

The Moei and another smaller river running into it

That is a dog crossing over from Burma to Thailand

When the 4014 ends I keep to the left following the river

I eventually join highway 105 about 100 metres from the bridge into Burma

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