Mar 192009

The route 105

Total distance 235 km

The 105 is always a pleasure to ride, I have ridden this road so many times over the years and its slowly getting wider further north. Its a lovely sunny days ride today as well

One day it will be like this from one end to the other but in how many years time is anyones guess, there is a 4.65 km section that is ready and waiting for the black stuff but apart from that is an asphalt surface all the way

About halfway along I stop off for a cool down in the river Moei, there has been heavy rainfall here recently as I have never seen water coming through this tunnel in march before and everywhere around here is saturated

The water is about one metre lower since I came this way seven weeks ago

This section was the last bit asphalted and a joy to ride it is too

Just past the unsurfaced section and they have already started digging out for widening the next section

I have always loved this old twisty section that runs up through the hills but I guess eventually even this will get the treatment too

Although on places like this which is on the ridge they have got some serious filling in to do first

A bit more hazy now and its suddenly turned very hot as I am getting nearer to Mae Sariang

I check in at the Riverside guest house and notice the river is a lot higher than normal plus its a dirty brown colour, the boss said its because of the very heavy rain that they have had here recently

Its the Sawaddee Restaurant next door for my usual meal when here.
A very good and enjoyable ride again today but then again if you dont enjoy the 105 between these two places then you shouldnt be on a motorbike in the first place

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