Jan 092013

The route 1090

Total distance 176 km

A beef curry, 2 rotis and naan bread breakfast for 46 Baht at the Lucky Tea Shop

Then it was off along the 1090 and back up on the dirt track I was on yesterday to explore a track going north off of it

Its surprising how wet and slippery it still is in the shade of the trees

I stop at the first Police camp just outside the village and they put the kettle on and offer me a coffee

A universally useful device

Here they are more relaxed than at the other camp and are happy with photos being taken.
I got the impression these Policemen must be all keen gardeners and horticulturists up here enjoying their hobby otherwise why would they have such a special interest in finding poppies

My coffee arrives

I am asked if I want brandy or whisky in my coffee

All mod cons here, the orange cold box contained lots of cold drinks and I was handed a Red Bull as I was leaving

Now exploring the new track heading north that the Police told me doesnt go through to anywhere, I am already up here and it needs mapping anyway

Part way along I meet these who tell me the track only goes for another 2 km

My second swing gate today

Three homes here with a few chickens running around

The track is looking less used now

I dismantle and ride through two of these, putting them back up as I still hope to ride on completing a loop

This is looking like the end of the track

The track finishes, the waypoint I left at the start of todays new track is 5 km away and another 5 km would have reached another waypoint completing a loop but it wasnt to be so its ride back time.

Riding back and a truck on this bulldust covered track is the last thing I need

As I now have the pleasure of breathing in this

Lasagna and garlic bread at Casa Mia for 100 Baht, tasty and filling

Get the gdb file here …

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