Apr 172013

The route 105, 3006, 1215

Total distance 104 km

No water being thrown today anywhere and I am enjoying the twisty 3006 on my way to explore more dirt tracks

Todays dirt was from
N16.81735 E098.56557 to N16.81735 E098.56557
N16.82051 E098.56118 to N16.82051 E098.56118
N16.83078 E098.58994 to N16.83078 E098.58994
N16.83079 E098.59077 to N16.83869 E098.57757
N16.83911 E098.57395 to N16.81735 E098.56557
N16.81367 E098.56937 to N16.81367 E098.56937
N16.82736 E098.59802 to N16.82736 E098.59802
N16.84433 E098.58820 to N16.85966 E098.56012

A track goes to a very dried up Huai Mae Kuet Luang

Back at Huai Mae Kuet Luang again from a different track

The pillion is shielding from the sun but its windy and not so hot today

The garlic pickers are busy

I stop in the shade for my lunch and this was the temperature

So much for the welcome, I wouldnt even attempt to walk over that

I eventually exit onto the 1215 and ride home

Indian chicken curry and brown rice at Sara’s for 115 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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