Dec 302012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 200 km

Dirt starts today at N17.06189 E098.63664 as I take the track I was on two days ago to explore it further heading towards the 1099 and Omkoi

After a few km the road is paved from N17.08022 E098.62315 until N17.12106 E098.64111

In the village I see this lot and initially think they are off on a trip after seeing their bikes laden

Then I see these and one guy hands me a package, they are off bug spraying

I ride past the Police checkpoint and they tell me this does go to Omkoi

Now onto new territory for me

This is why the track only partially shows on google earth, I ride under cover of trees a bit today

The first village I pass at N17.14297 E098.60355 has fuel from a handpump

The view through the trees

This young lady has a shop and sells fuel from a handpump at the next village at N17.15854 E098.58791

No one was hurt, the bike merely toppled over from the weight of the wood

The turning to the right takes me to here but the track goes on, I leave exploring that one for another day

Through the trees I can see a bridge is being constructed

A village on the river at N17.16687 E098.58004 which has fuel from a handpump

This is plenty good enough for now

Looking back at the village

A guy at the bridge told me once I am over the river take a right for Omkoi, I am now on that track and it looks a bit dusty ahead

Still through the trees at times though

To my left is a village which the track going straight on after the river crossing probably would have taken me to

I stop for a drink and photos thinking this is beautiful and so peaceful being up here by myself

Only for these two trucks and a few motorbikes to come by throwing up a cloud of dust

I pass another couple of turnings and have some steep descents on bulldust at times

I certainly wasnt expecting that out here today

I stopped for my lunch here

A couple of bikes came along and rode over this but I decided I will ride through the water

It certainly isnt deep but looking at the time I decided to make this my turnaround point as its gone 1.30 and I left at 9 am
N17.19161 E098.50198 was where I got to and although there was none of todays new stuff showing on the GPS a track was showing a few km further on in the direction that I am heading which should link up with the 1099.
I will try to ride down to this point from the 1099 sometime to finish mapping the track

On the ride back I take a right to ride to a village that this guy says is only a couple of km along this track

The track is slow going in places with lots of loose bulldust

In the village at N17.17569 E098.50597 and another bicycle upside down being repaired

That one looks as happy as a pig in shit

Time to get going on the ride back

Loose bulldust, my favourite surface

Back to the river after a fun day exploring new territory

As I get back to the 1175 I notice this map at the Police checkpoint, I have started out from the bottom right hand corner today.
This is a useful find and it confirms there were lots more villages along those turnings I didnt get to try out, tomorrow is now fully booked up

Beef Curry

Chicken Karahi curry at Sara’s Restaurant tonight for 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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