Dec 282012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 202 km

Dirt begins at N17.06189 E098.63664 and I get to ride the track I was supposed to be riding on boxing day

Just past these I take a left

I am climbing quite quickly today

Its a shame the haze is beginning to creep in already

As I stop here I can hear voices in the distance and guess a village isnt that far away

Just a couple of homes here

A bit further ahead is a village

This village is at N17.12174 E098.58047

I ride on, blindly now as the GPS has no more track showing after the village and there is a steep descent in places now

Another village at N17.12785 E098.57412

More virgin uncharted territory found and mapped today.
I dont think many people realise what a wealth of interesting places there are around Mae Sot to ride and explore and it gets ignored

I walk down to the stream but theres only a single track going on out now so time to ride back

Back in the other village there was a turn which brought me to the school

The teacher from Mae Ramat who spoke quite good English

Now when I was at school this was called a blackboard but I dont think you are allowed to call it that anymore as it upsets the lefties

Now when you have lots of time on your hands, all of Thailand at your disposal and a KLX you can explore these lovely remote places.
This is the real Thailand in my opinion and its great being out here

Riding back a couple of km I take a left onto a track that doesnt show on the GPS

Theres a village here at N17.11031 E098.59595

I ride on through but it turns to single track so its find a place to turnaround and go back

I ride back towards the last village then take a right

Down a steep hill this awaits me

Through the trees I can see this

I decide to walk on after climbing over the gate rather than dismantle it as I can hear running water and it might be a swift return.
But this was the water

It soon becomes single track

All locked up

Now three photos in different directions from the verandah

There were 4WD tracks going to here and a new building is being prepared by the look of it

Now riding back

I can see a village to my left which will be on the other track that I turned off earlier

Its just beautiful up here today

I reach the junction turning left and somewhere between here and the next village the road turns to paved, I didnt note the exact co ordinates as I wasnt expecting it.
The village is at N17.09904 E098.62450

The paved surface finishes at N17.12239 E098.63963 and I look around this quarry which I realise was what I could see from near those villages I was at this morning

The middle part of the bridge is missing

I cross over then take a left heading west and riding alongside the river in places but since the bridge no tracks are showing on the GPS

Heres far enough for today, I stop at N17.13365 E098.61425 and ride around a small village before riding back to the bridge.
I follow the course of the river by zooming in my GPS and it goes to the 1099 beneath Omkoi so I wonder if this track also goes to there.
I remember a few years ago meeting a guy on a Honda XR250 who told me he was crossing over the mountains to Tak this way

Back across the bridge and the Police are chatty and helpful

Now its a dirt track to Sam Muen and the 1175 passing through a village at N17.10738 E098.69343

I reach paved at N17.07141 E098.74111 at the 1175 then turn round a ride back a few 100 metres before taking a left and the surface turns to paved at N17.07356 E098.73891.
This goes through the village of Sam Muen where I see fuel sold from a hand pump

Spicy Sri Lankan chicken curry

Beef curry, 80 Baht the lot at Sara’s Restaurant

Get the gdb file here …

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