Apr 122013

The route 105, 5026

Total distance 112 km

Todays dirt was from
N16.90033 E098.57397 to N16.91534 E098.60136
N16.91591 E098.60091 to N16.90033 E098.57397
N16.90339 E098.57326 to N16.92282 E098.56876
N16.92455 E098.56835 to N16.94462 E098.57959
N16.94462 E098.57959 to N16.92489 E098.59969
N16.92489 E098.59969 to N16.91591 E098.60091
N16.93015 E098.60185 to N16.93839 E098.59874

Another day of dry dusty dirt riding exploring more new tracks

In some places a very rough track

Then in others easy going

A couple of times on the very twisty 5026

Finally I see somebody out here

There are just so many tracks out here to explore

Some, like this one turn into a dead end

I check the temperature at 11.30 and this was from inside my panniers

Now on a new track that doesnt even show on the ESRI and I wonder if this one will be paved in the near future

I take a track off of it

Which goes to a dead end

Back on the new track

Which reaches this brand new surface that I spotted on riding down a week ago

Its a noticeably hotter day here today and this was out in the sun

I stop under there for my lunch and a cooler 39 C under cover

These walked for a fair was as I did a loop and saw them again later on

Todays top temperature at 1.30 out in the sun.
These temperatures dont bother me in the slightest and as I am dirt riding with armour on under my airflow jacket blocking lots of the airflow I am hotter still.
I dont see many people riding and doing trip reports lately is this because its too hot?

I quickly dismantle this, ride through and put it back into place then its a short ride to the 5026 and finding another loop that wasnt on the ESRI

Another fun days exploring and on the ride back to Mae Sot I get a few buckets of water thrown over me, I noticed more children out throwing water today than there were yesterday

Indian chicken curry at Sara’s tonight 120 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  2 Responses to “Mae Sot-New Tracks West Of Ban Koh Ko”

  1. Yes a lot of princesses and fairies abound in the Chiang Mai region.
    All of this too hot, cold, wet, dry, dusty , smokey, hazy, windy pisses me right off.
    The day will come when I will be too old to get out and then I want to be able to look back and say that I did it when I still could and didnt sit indoors moaning about it

  2. Like the addition of the thermometer Colin, your ride reports are warming me up more than usual!
    Kills me (more than ever living near theΒ ArcticΒ Circle) when you read about thoseΒ describingΒ the Chiang Mai ridding season as being between November to March. Not a single reason to not ride year round there, I know I’ve gone on and on about this in the past πŸ˜‰

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