Apr 202013

The route 105, 3142

Total distance 101 km

I ride north to Ban Huai Bong then take a left onto the 3142

Its a twisty road but a bit potholed in places

Todays dirt was from
N16.88455 E098.53777 to N16.88455 E098.53777
N16.88280 E098.54347 to N16.85832 E098.55387
N16.86032 E098.56405 to N16.87979 E098.55731
N16.88111 E098.56076 to N16.92668 E098.56789
N16.91393 E098.57075 to N16.90229 E098.57347
N16.88873 E098.57623 to N16.88111 E098.56076

At the Moei river

Still a lot of water flowing along here, I guess the Moei nevers gets really low and dries up

Ahead the wind is swirling the smoke and ash

I watched as it swirled across the field

North off the 3142 are these wider tracks that I wouldnt be surprised to see paved in the future

A few more tracks for the map, I was hoping to get all the way up to Mae Ramat this trip but it will have to wait until next holiday as I am off to Mae Sariang tomorrow

Chicken curry at Sara’s buffet, 120 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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