Apr 152013

The route 2006, 3002

Total distance 85 km

Another chilly start, I should have brought some warmer clothes with me

I get a couple of km today before these kids pull me over for a good soaking

I like how they have got their water supply set up

Todays dirt was from
N16.71733 E098.53881 to N16.72481 E098.50734
N16.72687 E098.50497 to N16.72417 E098.49955
N16.73373 E098.49319 to N16.73373 E098.49319
N16.74410 E098.48792 to N16.74920 E098.48981
N16.76851 E098.49072 to N16.76851 E098.49072
N16.78883 E098.53251 to N16.79218 E098.52665
N16.78973 E098.52203 to N16.78803 E098.51942
N16.78227 E098.51569 to N16.77075 E098.53012
N16.77127 E098.52847 to N16.76624 E098.52381
N16.77628 E098.53709 to N16.75565 E098.56509
N16.75276 E098.54636 to N16.73430 E098.56486

I dismantle this barrier and ride through but although the ESRI shows a track joining up its a dead end.
Here I realise I am leaking fuel each time I stop and put the bike on the side stand

At the end of a paved surface is this concrete making plant at N16.73998 E098.50471

With probably the nicest green scenery of the day

Hes getting ready to jump

Got him, just as he starts to fall

A couple of todays tracks lead to the river

Back on the paved surface and its soaking number two from this lot

Plenty of oranges at this plantation on the banks of the Moei

He looks like an illegal slipping in under the barbed wire

Where the orange trees are getting so much water sprayed its lush and green all over here

A temple over in Burma

I wonder if that bike has been stolen and smuggled up here

Todays top temperature

The wind suddenly picks up and I wonder if more rain is coming

The temperature drops quickly to this but no rain then after a while the wind ceases and it warms up a bit

Chicken biriani at Sara’s, 100 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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