Apr 162013

The route 105, 3002, 3006, 07034

Total distance 110 km

The cooler mornings seem to be here to stay now in Mae Sot

Less water throwers out this morning and I make it out of town and onto a safe dirt track without getting wet.
Todays dirt was from
N16.77155 E098.56216 to N16.78984 E098.54726
N16.78082 E098.53696 to N16.78991 E098.54536
N16.77658 E098.58548 to N16.77614 E098.57185
N16.77153 E098.56559 to N16.79085 E098.55307
N16.79510 E098.56203 to N16.77612 E098.57135
N16.77614 E098.57185 to N16.78553 E098.58947
N16.81142 E098.57061 to N16.81225 E098.55122
N16.80673 E098.53476 to N16.78986 E098.54676
N16.78774 E098.53950 to N16.79066 E098.53274
N16.82096 E098.54420 to N16.82675 E098.55648
N16.82977 E098.55013 to N16.82934 E098.53933
N16.82555 E098.54110 to N16.82096 E098.54420

A clear sunny morning that soon gets the temperature up

I emerge from a dirt track onto the twisty 07034 that only shows on the ESRI as a dirt track, this road links the 3002 with the 105.
It joins the 3002 at N16.78629 E098.53638 and just before reaching the 105 splits but I emerge onto the 105 at N16.79346 E098.59500

Now on the 3002 and what a lovely twisty well surfaced road this is

Now back on the 07034 to ride its entire length to the 105

Apart from one short section where there were a few large potholes the 07034 is in good condition with lots of curves, as its not a new surface I am surprised the latest ESRI doesnt show it as a main paved road

I dont see many people out riding today, perhaps Songkran has taken its toll

Just coming up to 14.00 hours and its nicely warmed up now, this was in the shade

The Huai Mae Lamao looks a bit muddy, strange as apart from that storm a few nights ago there has been no rain and all other waterways are running normally

A new restaurant is tried out tonight at N16.71162 E098.56805 in Chit Lom Road and right next door to the Lucky Tea Garden

That chicken is never far away from the action

I had two pieces of chicken, rice, nearly a whole cucumber plus that other pot of chilli mixed with fried onions for 60 Baht, delicious and very spicy

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Don’t be complaining about 26 c being cold!! Right now I’m working at N59.20158, W121.6003 for the week – do you think 26 would be cold here?
    Oh, the 3002 does look nice.

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