Apr 132013

The route 105, 3047, 5026

Total distance 113

Spotted this morning in Mae Sot

Hazard warning on these by the look of it, does the CRF 250L have that too?

The partly red one is more to my liking but its still too black, why not as much red on it as there is black on that pig ugly looking black one.
I guess I started biking in 1974 when the tyres and seats were black but nothing else and thats how I prefer them

145,000 Baht and no discount, or so she said

I get about 15 km north along the 105 before being flagged down to be doused by these friendly people, I duly obliged

This lot were throwing water but none came in my direction

Todays new dirt was from
N16.90787 E098.61312 to N16.90934 E098.61492
N16.91941 E098.62080 to N16.92565 E098.62877
N16.92327 E098.62920 to E16.93279 E098.60461
N16.93513 E098.60644 to N16.93513 E098.60644
N16.93692 E098.60599 to N16.94114 E098.59754
N16.94114 E098.59754 to N16.94147 E098.62919
N16.94455 E098.62915 to N16.94455 E098.62915

The hot temperature soon dries me out from my Songkran soaking

A few stints on asphalt between the dirt tracks

This would be a large fire for the Mae Sot area

Plenty of new fun tracks found again today

I am not used to this much smoke around here

Some tracks are rough in places with these lumps of broken concrete and asphalt dumped along them, I guess they help the farm machinery in the wet but they are a hindrance to me

On the last track and I stop to watch these at work

I tried to get it falling but it went too quick

A nice cloud of dust and I ride home getting a few soakings along the way including a few along the 105

Back in Mae Sot

This is more like it

Mae Sots one way area seems to be where most of the action is with lots of very slow moving traffic

I dont hang around these too long in case thats where they are getting their water from

Chicken curry and rice at the Tea Shop for 45 Baht

Followed by a couple of rotis for 20 Baht
Just after I get into the internet cafe there is a big storm which looses the electricity supply, I walk back towards my guest house and luckily power is still on near there so another internet cafe is found.
I guess it will be a bit cooler tomorrow now

Get the gdb file here …

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