Nov 102012

The Route 105, 1175

Total distance 225 km

The resident dog at the Smile GH lazing around this morning

Yesterday I was scouting around the Islam part of town where I found some Muslim restaurants to try out for breakfast in the mornings.
This morning I try the Lucky Tea Garden at N16 42.699 E098 34.087

My chicken curry being ladled out

This place was busy when I got here at 8am, a good sign in one way but lots of Westerners sometimes mean the food has been toned down

A large plate of rice for sure but as I was dreading, the food was rather bland tasting and not a patch on what I was eating in Mae Sarieng

I then have a beef curry and a freshly made naan bread that was nice, the whole meal was only 64 Baht so not bad price wise but just a shame it wasnt hot and fiery too

I start eating at the only empty table but then I get some eating companions join me, a very friendly lot of people in here and the two Muslim girls spoke very good English

Out on the 1175 and todays trip was to explore some of the side turns I noticed when I crossed from the 105 (between Mae Sot and Tak) to the 1175 offroad when I was last here early on in the year

I turn right off the 1175 onto a concrete road and riding the new track I found before

A few km in and these are all sitting where I take a right to start exploring

These kids walking back to their village with the fruit dont seem the happiest kids in the world

Now in the village

Mum and daughter washing the scooter

A rather uneven bridge

Rainwater is collected from the roof

Then filtered for drinking, I would imagine thats a nice soft drink

Pretty close is the solar power plant. This village is at N17 02.835 E098 45.390

I ride back to the junction and carry on exploring, I take another right turn and along here at N17 02.083 E098 45.925 the road surface becomes unpaved, from here on now its a mixture of concrete and dirt

I ride through another village and see fuel sold here at N17 01.589 E098 45.880

I take a left at a fork and after about 1 km it leads me to this village at N17 00.488 E098 45.186

I ride on past to see if this track links up or is a dead end

I try two tracks but both appear to just turn to farm access tracks so its time to ride back again

Back to the junction and taking the other fork I soon come across this lot

Plus the culprit who is churning the track up and causing me to keep on losing traction

Just around the corner and another village at N16 59.573 E098 43.059

I take a track out the back of this village expecting it to be just an access track but it loops around and brings me back on the track I was on earlier

Its really lovely out here today exploring new territory

I ride on taking a track to my left

Which leads to another village at N16 58.331 E098 43.234

I ride on and out the other side and now its these little water crossings

Safely over and riding on

Its getting more like an access track now and I leave the bike and walk down a steep bit to find its this steep loose surface on the other side, I think here is a sensible turnaround point. I leave a waypoint here for future reference as there were other side shoots that I didnt have time for today that may link up here

Wel what a fun day that was and I certainly didnt expect to find this much in this small area

On the way bck I stop at the Huay Luek reservoir

Krua Canadian tonight for the beef fajitas for 140 Baht, tomorrow I must get back to eating healthier food again

Get the gdb file here …

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