Apr 102013

The route 105, 3047

Total distance 82 km

Dirt starts at N16.83698 E098.60079

Those chillis shouldnt take too long to dry out in this hot weather

This track turns into a very interesting one with lots of water crossings, it would be a lot more interesting in the wet season

I saw three of these all loaded with long bamboos along here today

Through the trees now and lots more water crossings

Finally I reach the end of the track

No more to see now so its time to ride back

Another track is explored but another dead end here

I return to the paved surface at N16.83583 E098.60910

I get my first bucket of water thrown over me today around as I am riding along near Mae Kasa, Songkran has started early, it was very warm water indeed.
The girl holding the bowl and the one next to her were the culprits, all in good fun though

Dirt starts again at N16.87628 E098.61201

This is some foul smelling water stored in a reservoir that they are irrigating the crops with

Dirt finishes at N16.87035 E098.58013

Chicken Biryani at Sara’s for 100 Baht, delicious and filling

Get the gdb file here …

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