Dec 172012

The route 105, 3047, 1175

Total distance 176 km

A late start today as I slept in, someone checked out so I changed into a much lighter room then it was off for breakfast and finally by about 11 I left for a short spin

Some shots from along the 3047

Dirt from N16 55.406 E098 37.758 to N16 55.457 E098 38.218 as I ride to the river

The plan today was to try to find a track that links the 3047 with the dirt tracks I found last month southwards from the 1175

Dirt starts at N16 58.524 E098 39.109

Not far along here is a small village

I ride on and this stream bed is the track for 200 metres but not too much water to worry about

Good scenery but I am heading north and I can see it wont go much further

The end of the track and time to turn around

Its not even touching the tree just staying upright as the engine is on the ground

The track ahead

Time to ride back through the water

I ride back to another village and take a track that turns to dirt at N16 58.347 E098 39.139 then quickly reaches the river

These come along so I watch their route first

I was glad I watched them first as it was a lot deeper then it looked, especially just before where he rode out

Safely through and looking back downstream, no track showing on the GPS now but I have a waypoint to my east from where I was last month to act as a guide

I dont get far and I have to cross the river again

Thankfully I soon start climbing quickly so no more worries of water crossings

A lot of trucks along here but going the other way and laden with crops

You wouldnt want to mess up on this corner

Or you end up in there

Decisions time, the left is in the right direction for my waypoint so I take it

Just along here is a small village where I am asked where I am going.
I motion on over the hills and they point to me going back and taking the other track which I do

On the other track which is fun riding with great scenery but it appears to be going east and I need more of a NE direction to reach my waypoint

I have gone eastwards past my waypoint which is north of me now and I notice if I ride on for about another 5 km east this track will join up with the one I found last year that linked the 1175 with the 105 between Mae Sot and Tak.
Not really where I want to go now as time is getting on and its a fair ride back home but I dont want to turn around either after getting this far

I come to a turning which goes in a NW direction and I take it hoping it will lead me to my waypoint

After a couple of km things are looking good, I am heading in the direction I want to be and its even more stunning scenery with some ridgeline riding

This track joined the one I needed just north of my waypoint and cleared up the mystery of where that track went to when I rode here before and didnt get time to explore it.
More exploring to do up here tomorrow finding out where that track heading east finished up.
Todays dirt finished at N17 02.083 E098 45.925

A new restaurant tonight at N16 42.839 E098 33.718 that has only been open for 4 days now

The owners are a Bosnian girl and her Sri Lankan husband

Indoor non smoking section

Or you can sit outdoors and do as you please

Two chicken and two vegetable curries

I had both chicken curries and it was delicious, 80 Baht for the buffet.
Mae Sot finally has some good Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan food here

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    There is a problem with the last two gdb files: MapSource says they are invalid and refuses to open them. The gpx files are ok, though.
    Cheers, Peter.

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