Dec 222012

The route 105

Total distance 204 km

I ride out of town heading east along the 105 then after about 50 km take a right where these strawberries are growing

This asphalt road that I havent been on for a few years just goes for a few km then stops at the top of a hill

I dont think its ever going to be extended

I ride around exploring all the paved surface but these locked gates at N16 45.458 E098 56.291 prevented me from riding on.
Just the other side is Ban Muser school and village
I ride back towards the 105 to take the other entrance in

Just before reaching the 105 I take a right onto a dirt track starting at N16 45.596 E098 55.488

Dirt finishes at N16 45.999 E098 55.866 where I reach the other road and its a paved surface for a few km

Dirt starts and finishes at N16 44.401 E098 56.953

I pass through a village at N16 43.302 E098 57.651

Not too difficult a surface and its mainly out in the sun which is pleasant

Good views all the way but especially here

Does anyone know what those numbers and letters on the second row up mean?

I am guessing that tree is what those two signs were talking about

Finally I reach a village, I thought there had to be one out here as I passed a couple of laden trucks heading this way

These were all at a shop that sold food and drinks plus had a fuel handpump at N16 36.783 E099 01.079

Quite a large village and a Thai from Chiang Mai was here singing at some Christian event here tonight

Getting ready for the event

I ride on but was told the road breaks up after a short while

It is a lot harder going now thats for sure

Still great scenery though

I decide to call it a day here as time is getting on and the track is well rutted and slow going now.
The GPS shows it going on for probably about 8 km but it would take a while if the track is in this state, perhaps some other time I will explore it but earlier in the day

Rutted, wet and slippery, not a good combination

This guy comes along, I ask if I can get to Mae Sot by carrying on and am told no you must go back

I will try it again sometime because the track heads towards a track that I rode last year NE off the 1090 and it would be brilliant if it did loop across

On the ride back and a few workers out in the fields

Beef curry, rice, roti and salad for 75 Baht at the Tea House

Followed by this delicious treat from the market for 25 Baht, it was filling and probably fattening but who cares

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    That overgrown road to the top of the hill is a bit of a mystery. Since it’s on the terrain of the Ag research station they may have planned to build something there and it never happened. It could also be a helipad. I marked it as a camp spot on the OSM map, as I think it’s a good spot.
    I wonder why they locked that gate. Is was open when I explored here.
    The numbers on the sign are the location in UTM grid. See here:
    The yellow signs say: Tonphueng (the name of the tree). Protect nature and the bees for future generations. You didn’t see any bees in the tree?
    Looking around the end of your track on GE I don’t think you can link up with the 1090. It seems to end at a compound. However, if you turn E @ 16.58648, 99.03378 you should be able to find a track E over the hills and get to Ban Pha Phueng (N16.56286 E99.06281), which is connected to the 1108 via a tar road, enabling you to get home quickly, if you need to.

    Back at the 105 there is another hill tribe village (Ban Khun Huai Som Poi) with a track going W and a long tar road going S that ends at a parking/turning area and a single track continuing on. Turn-off is @ N16.75782 E98.91532.
    Happy exploring!
    Greetings from NZ, where we are not looking forward to a rained out Xmas and new year.

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