Jan 052013

The route 1090, 4029

Total distance 104 km

Dirt begins at N16.56105 E098.70733 on another mooch around looking for a track that goes north to the 105 from the 1090

More peanut pickers seen today

That looks like mud ahead

At a fork I take the right to see if it goes to the track I was on yesterday that was fenced off

Its just a farm access track for these workers

Riding on and I certainly wasnt expecting this much mud and water

I cross water and ride along the river bed for an awful lot of todays ride

Those dogs get plenty of exercise as they are travelling from their village to where those sacks were being loaded into the pickup

Now this would make for an interesting ride in the rainy season but I for one will most definitely not be trying it

The KLX is slipping and sliding all over the place and its mainly first gear for the muddy and water section

A riding buddy comes along

I needed help here as one of those machines kept sliding and couldnt get past me and I was about to fall into the water

After what seemed like ages we emerged into sunshine and a dry track for a while.
I had followed the track of the guy on the Honda 110 Wave as he knew it well whereas I didnt.
Although he only had road tyres and the front was virtually bald he got through all the mud just as easily, or difficultly as I did

We reach his village at N16.62715 E098.80212

This village must be difficult to reach at the height of the rainy season

He relaxes with a cigarette while I ride on

Out of the village a bit and the road forks, I ask these which way to Mae Sot but a shake of the hand at both forks tells me neither.
I check anyway

Definitely not that way

The other track goes for a short distance then its time to ride back and enjoy the water and mud again

On the way back I meet the workers again on their way back for more cargo.
I am sweating like a pig and my legs are aching but I am enjoying todays ride enormously

Back in a village I visited a couple of days ago and more sewing taking place at other shops

Time to ride home now and theres loads of dirt tracks to choose from so I try out some new ones for the first time

I had to follow that for a while and once getting past it I have no intention of letting it past again, the dust it was kicking up was most unpleasant

Fields of onions out here now

Dirt finishes at N16.61303 E098.67778 and now to enjoy the 4029

They turn off and I ride home.
I never found the track I was looking for but a fun days exploring was had anyway

Pakistan food tonight, a chicken handi curry at Sara’s Restaurant 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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