Jan 042013

The route 1090, 4016

Total distance 134 km

Lars, a round the world rider from Sweden was staying at my guest house in Mae Sot last night and we swapped info.
He will be in Chiang Mai shortly for the Horizons Unlimited meeting

Lars leaves for Mae Sariang

Along the 4016

Dirt starts at N16.51823 E098.75314 and soon takes me to a small village at N16.51594 E098.75819

I ride out the back of the village but the track finishes so its a turnaround and ride back to the 4016

Mothers picking the peanuts

While the kids sit in the shade

The 4016 is a lovely well surfaced twisty road

Dirt starts again at N16.53805 E098.76398 and soon takes me to a village at N16.54282 E098.76502

Now to head northwards exploring more new tracks and hoping to find my way over to the 105

Mainly this easy going dirt today

Those kids look like their faces could do with a wash

I follow a track heading south east as its heading towards a waypoint I left before

It deviates away from my waypoint and reaches the asphalt road at N16.56874 E098.81645 in a village

I turn around and ride back as I want to explore northwards

According to the Garmins GPS map there should be a track going through there but it looks a bit overgrown to me

I saw a dirt track going up over the hills just now and thought this is going to work out

Then moments later the track turns to single track with this as the crossing, I wouldnt even walk over that

I ride back a bit then just explore other side tracks

Thats the end of this track as far as I am concerned

Riding back I pass these again

I reach the paved surface at N16.55188 E098.70831

Spicy chicken masala curry at Sara’s Restaurant 80 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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