Dec 212012

The route 105, 2041

Total distance 174 km

Another cold start with some low level cloud and a very low temperature as I climb heading east out of town

I took the 2041 for a short distance to the toll gate.
A price was agreed but then they started talking to each other in Thai and the price went up so they got nothing, it was only another 2 km anyway so nothing lost

Dirt starts and finishes today at N16 45.587 E098 55.136

A nice garbage dump at the edge of a village, some pigs were rooting around in there but soon ran off when I stopped

A village with a fuel hand pump at N16 46.189 E098 54.594

This dog didnt appreciate being locked in the cage and barked a lot

Pigs usually run away but this one was only too happy to pose for the camera

Once I turned off the 105 everything was new for me today and a very pleasant find too

Camping is available here

Theres the odd bit of concrete here and there today

That sounds interesting

It wasnt the easiest route looking for it

I never did find it but the great scenery more than made up for the wasted time

The above photo is number 20001 since I bought this Fuji JX210 for 4500 Baht in the UK in october 2010.
A much better camera than its Sony predecessor and still on all its original parts
I reckon about 25000 photos will have been taken on it by the time I go home at the end of april
Just before I came out this year I was in the shop where I bought it from asking about its replacement and was told 3500 Baht for the new one with more mega pixels and more zoom, digital cameras are certainly dropping in price now

Another village at N16 47.106 E098 53.635

This track was just a farm access track

Whilst the surface left a lot to be desired no complaints about the scenery

The end of the road for me as its just this single track now

Now on another track with a bit more concrete along this one

A village at the end of this one at N16 48.533 E098 51.913

There were certainly a lot of flies smacking me in the face riding along here

I finally get to do a water crossing today

The last village I find today at N16 49.595 E098 53.925

Lots of friendly dogs here, now if they all decide to piss up against the bike that should leave it looking a lot cleaner

One more track that goes into single track

I find somewhere to turn around and then ride back after a fun day exploring new stuff

Another buffet at Sara’s tonight for 80 Baht.
Tonight there was a spicy beef curry from Sri Lanka which was really lovely, a chicken Karahi curry from Pakistan and a Chicken Paprikah from Bosnia

Get the gdb file here …

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  3 Responses to “Mae Sot- New Dirt North Of The 105 Towards Tak”

  1. I dont envy you one bit Kevin, its making me shiver hearing you mention those temperatures

  2. Another mystery solved. I always wondered where this track goes. Now we know. I’m a little surprised that it’s a dead end. Thanks for all the pics and stories. Makes me want to be there.

  3. Pleasant looking ride Colin, plus you got to ride the best sections of the sweeping 105. That slightly out of focus picture, of your bike, the singletrack, and the farmers shack, is especially complying.

    Maybe more so since it’s -23 celsius and the snow is falling sideways outside. 

    Thanks again!! 

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