Dec 192012

The route 105, 1175

Total distance 218 km

I rode along the 1175 taking my turn to explore a new track today

The surface turns to dirt at N17 02.044 E098 46.481

Mainly easy going out here today

A few wonky bridges today but this one was okay

I pass through a reasonable size village

The school is at N16 58.498 E098 50.439

I am guessing the Deutsche Bank funded the building rather than theres a branch of it here

Riding alongside the river for a good way today

Another wonky bridge with some logs to cross too

I stop at another village at N16 57.584 E098 51 281

I like the home made exhaust pipe

I am riding blind now as the track on the GPS finished and have to just head SE to pick a track up that shows about 10 km away

He tells me this way goes to Tak but I know I will have to cross the river at least twice so I look around at another track heading out of the village

The track turns to be just a farm access so its back to and through the river

A few of these are crossed today as well

This would put me back on the right side of the river but I ride on taking the right fork and trying this out on the ride back

Well thats as far as I got today, for the last three km there has been no sign of anyone using the track and I have just had a slow ride through the forest of doom.
I call it that as its a rocky unpleasant path with absolutely no sign of either human or animal presence and the only sounds whenever I stopped was of the bamboo creaking in the wind.
I rode through it very cautiously as it was in my head I may need to turn around and I didnt want to venture down something that I couldnt get back up again

The second river crossing wasnt attempted, I didnt even bother walking across as its was rocky with deep fast flowing water and sandbanks coming up.
Another couple of people and it would be possible to get the bikes across

Time to slowly edge back through the forest of doom

At times theres no real track

It was a feeling of relief to be out of there, I dont feel so alone now as occasionally I see signs of life again

I cross the river on the log bridge hoping that there might be another track heading in the way I want to go

The first living person that I have seen for an hour or so

This track doesnt go any further

I try another one but thats a dead end too so its time to ride home the way I rode here

Back through the river

Well no through loop for me today but at least tomorrows trip has been planned
I will ride northwards from the 105 near to Tak to see if I can reach the river from that way then I will at least know the track is there and could be done later in the season when the water level is lower.
Also if I could have rode about another 5 km I should have reached a track that would have taken me to the track I was on yesterday

Beef curry, rice, roti and spicy salad for 75 Baht at the Tea Shop

A quick walk through a street market

20 Bahts worth of Pomelo for dessert
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hi Colin,
    You may want to check out this area a little further E on the 105:
    These roads and tracks are what I mapped when I stayed in MS. Turning N off the 105 @ N16.75754 E98.92105 there were some wooden signs indicating distances to places in Thai (which I can’t read). I think you can spend a day exploring this. The track quite good. There are some hill tribe villages S of the h’way and a strange sealed road that simply ends on top of a hill.
    Regards, Peter.

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