Nov 282009

The route 105, 1108, 1110, unknown, 4001, 1116, 4003, unknown, 1117, 1072, 3054, 3473, 3013, 3319, 3005

Total distance 412 km

I left just past 8 am and once up in the hills between Mae Sot and Tak it was a bit foggy and rather chilly

A right onto the 1108 and this house has a brick wall around it which isnt the normal for Thailand

A few km further along and this red brick house is rather striking

I take a right onto the 1110 and then a right onto an unnumbered road to see where it leads to

That looks a very steep hill I doubt if the Phantom will go up that one

Theres a few potholes in places otherwise its a twisty winding road

Twenty km later the road finishes just after passing through a village so its turn around time

Back to the village

A couple of km back its the entrance to the Klong Wang Chao National Park

Usually theres a shelter in the field for the workers to rest in, these are towing it around the field

Just past Mae Wong I take a left onto the 3473 to try a few new roads, this one starts okay for a short time but then is seven km of just potholes and dust. The 3013, 3319 and 3005 wewre also new roads for me with a decent surface through lots of rice fields

mbox99 meets me in town and we eat at Big Steak

159 Baht for this large juicy pork chop and fries

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