Dec 232012

The route 105

Total distance 168 km

Dirt starts and finishes today at N16 44.446 E098 51.378

Not a lot of scenery photo opportunities to start with as I have tree cover all around me

Out into the open at last

These bananas had fallen down onto the road, I moved them onto the side and a few hours later on the ride back I saw they were still there much to my surprise

Theres this old bridge here that appears to get all the use

While this new one next to it appears to be virtually unused

Now some good scenery

Lots of happy workers and their children seen along the route today

Quite a few pickups fully laden went past but thankfully all were going in the opposite direction

Bits of concrete in places and some of these were steep

I reach a village at N16 38.421 E098 53.749. No fuel sold here

It looked like every house had its own solar power panel

According to my GPS the track finishes here but my eyesight tells me it goes on

That looks like a good spot for my lunch break

A bit of shade but its surprising how windy it is up here

I was trying to fathom out why this small area was fenced off with barbed wire

Under the trees and a lot of muddy bits

That looks like another village down through the trees

Now in the village at N16 36.818 E098 56.564

A small shop here and a couple of bags of peanuts were bought and consumed

Now to ride on and see if this track will head east and link up with the track I was on yesterday

I am heading south and its not looking very promising

Not that way and no sign of motorised traffic crossing there

Another dead end

I ride to the brow of another hill but no route here either, time to ride back the way I got here

Now to enjoy the fun ride back on another new track for me

Wadee Restaurant at N16 42.806 E098 33.437 opposite and just past Casa Mia

Indoor seating is non smoking

Burmese food here and this is supposed to be a spicy dish.
Time to enjoy pork again as for obvious reasons its not on the menu at the Muslim restaurants I usually frequent

My pork curry arrives but although the flavour is pleasant enough if this is their idea of spicy I shudder to think how bland the mild version is, 80 Baht including rice

Get the gdb file here …

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