Dec 182012

The route 105, 1175, 4005, 1140

Total distance 188 km

A couple of shots from along the 1175

I turn right to go exploring and quite a few armed men here poking around

It seems everyone I meet to start with is armed

The guy in red was well taken by the KLX

Todays dirt started at N17 02.083 E098 45.925

I take a left to explore a track that I didnt have time for on a previous visit and although it only goes for about 1 km theres a village there

After photographing their livestock I purchased a couple of bags of peanuts then rode on around the village

Now back out on the main track

Heading down into the village where I left the waypoint that I was trying to reach yesterday

I ride through and am now on the track out that hopefully will take me to the village where I was told to turn around yesterday

To start with it heads in the right direction but then turns south and doesnt go there instead it meets the track I was on yesterday, I turn left to head east and carry on exploring where this goes to

In a small village

This wasnt here when I rode through yesterday

This guy spoke good English and told me if I ride on I will reach my track that will either take me to the 1175 or to the 105 between Mae Sot and Tak, depending on which way I decide to turn

Time for my sandwich, salad, fruit and peanuts and a pleasant quiet place to stop and enjoy it

I ride on and soon ride through quite dense tree cover, the surface is still wet in places with lots of mud too and its slow going now

After twisting and turning in every direction and not really making much progress eastwards I finally got out into some sunlight.
I have ridden for 6 km since I stopped for lunch but the GPS shows that as the crow flies I have only moved 1.8 km and the track I want to reach is hardly getting any nearer.
I am certainly glad I didnt carry on riding along here yesterday afternoon or I would have rode in the dark

This snake glides out in front of me and I run him over

I couldnt decide if it was hurt or not as it moved but didnt seem to want to go on its way, usually on dirt I find running them over doesnt kill them like it does on the paved surface

800 metres away from my escape route now and I can see a village in the distance, now to find out where it joins the track

Another mystery is solved as the track I come in on was one I nearly took last year when I was crossing northwards over to the 1175

A quick stop at the village shop

Now I meet bow and arrow man

I wondered how that got down there then I noticed the dent in the roof and bonnet plus the broken window

He walks up at the spot he has just crashed through.
I wondered if his brakes had failed but each time he got within 2 metres of me the unpleasant stench of the alcohol on his breath made the real cause of the accident clear

Dirt finishes at N16 50.418 E098 46.620

This takes me back to the 1960s when I lived in a small village in Sussex surrounded by farms and in those pre PC days the farmers would let you close to watch plus you could ride on the tractors or the combine harvester if you wanted to

I had to pick a bale up for old times sake and marvelled at how much lighter it seemed.
Mind you a lot of the ones we used to build our camps with were soaking wet plus as a primary school kid it probably weighed more than I did

This dog is fast asleep under the noisy baling machine totally oblivious to the racket going on above its head.
More new tracks for me today and where I stopped in that village there was another one heading eastwards that said 11 km that possibly joins another track that goes to the 105 a lot closer to Tak.
That sounds like a good enough reason to extend my stay here further to investigate

Chicken curry and rice for 45 Baht at the Tea Shop

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. I will possibly scout around there later on in the holiday, I need to get back to Chiang Mai soon for the 36000 km service

  2. Nice report this morning Colin, quite enjoyed it….as usual.

    Those first armed men I’ve run into several times out camping, and fishing, around Mae Sarieng. They say there army forestry patrols, but they do watch out for drug runners and other illeagl border activities. Friendly chaps, but the first time camping down from the Mae Ngao national park, when they suddenly appeared at dusk right in our camp all armed up it gave us quite a start. Do you plan to explore down that road (Mae Ngao), I know I’ve asked before but there were a couple of northern bound, well traveled off shoots that I’ve really wanted to explore. 


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